Starburst Crocheted Blanket

When I was still pregnant with my son, I decided to crochet a lovely blanket before the delivery date to welcome him to the world and our family. This was exactly what I did when we were expecting my first child, so a lovely blanket was awaiting her arrival. A tradition kind of.

I had so many patterns that were ‘winking’ at me to crochet them and at that point, I just couldn’t make my mind up quite easily. However, after considering the features of what I wanted in a baby blanket, I settled for this lovely starburst pattern I found here.

For yarns, I particularly love Stylecraft because 1) you would be spoilt for vibrant colour choices and 2) they are so soft and easy to work with.

So, I set out to making my baby blanket and after some few weeks ( I made this in between many other things, so you could finish this project in days), I got myself, well my baby a gorgeous blanket.


After a good look at it, I thought to add some appliques on it to make it more beautiful and here is the outcome of that decision and dare I say, the appliques gave it that ‘wow’ effect.


Another twist I added to this pattern was the edging. This is called the ‘Crown Picot edging’ and it sure looks like a crown.

Here is the pattern for making the edging.

With the right side of your work facing up, join yarn at right of one of the four corners.

Row 1: 1 CH, 1 SC in each st all the way round, turn

Row 2: 1 CH, skip first sc, 1 SC in each sc, ending 1 SC in 1 ch, turn

Row 3: 1 CH, skip first sc, *{1 SC, 5 CH, 1 SS} in the next sc, {1 SC, 7 CH, 1 SS} in the next sc, {1 SC, 5 CH, 1 SS} in the next sc, 1 SC in each of next 2 sc, repeat from * and end with 1 SC in 1 ch.

Fasten off.


1) This pattern has been written in US terms, so for my UK audience, please substitute SC for DC.

2) This pattern is particularly useful for a project that is in multiple of 5 sts. However, you can easily modify it to your convenience and style.

Hope you get to try it soon.

More crochet patterns coming up, so be on the look out!




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