Weekend Granny Throw with a twist

Today, I will be sharing one of the gorgeous throws on Redheart that I crocheted years back. It’s kind of the first huge blanket I ever made and I have to say that since that time, I’ve been hooked {no pun intended} on making blankets. I so love the colours that they used and tried to get colours close to them but using King Cole yarns. You can find the pattern right here and this is my version of it.

Here is it all spread out!

As always I like putting my own spin on all patterns I make so I decided to give my own throw an edging. Yes, I don’t know why I feel a throw or blanket is incomplete without an edging. It is called the Shell edging and here it is.

It is quite simple to make and will do well on a throw or blanket of a multiple of 4 sts + 1 or any blanket you fancy like mine.


With the right side of your work facing up, join yarn at right of one of the edges.

Row 1: 1 CH, 1 SC in each st to the end, turn.

Row 2: 1 CH, skip first SC, 1 SC in each sc, ending with 1 SC in 1 ch, turn.

Row 3: 1 CH, skip first sc,*skip 1 sc, 5 DC in next sc, skip 1 sc, 1 SC in next sc, repeat from *, ending with 1 SC in 1 ch.

Fasten off and sew in ends. 

I hope you give it a go and let me know your thoughts on both the pattern and the edging. Until next time, keep creating!






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