The Making of My Birthday Cake

Yesterday, I was busy crafting my birthday cake which was a fun time for me and my family. I had an idea of what the inside was going to look like because I was inspired by a cake made by Yolanda Gampp of How to Cake It. It is a checkerboard cake made of pink, green and yellow vanilla cakes. However, I wasn’t so sure of what the outside was to look like except I wanted it to have a mixture of the same colours I used inside the cake. After a bit of time thinking and imagining, here is what I came up with. A marbled cascading petals fondant cake with checkerboard layers inside. 

So how did I achieve this? Well, because this post is about the making and not the recipes of vanilla cake, swiss buttercream frosting, and the marbled fondant, I will cut to the chase and just show you in pictures what I did.

Here are the cakes all set for stacking.

All crumb coat and about to chill.

I forgot to take a picture of the cake with just the marbled fondant on it :). I was too keen to finish decorating. Anyway, here is an angle of that. 

All done.

Oh, I almost forgot. Here is the inside of the cake. Enjoy!

I had fun making this cake and taking the photos as well. I hope you do too.


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