Crochet Poncho and Headband

One of the many things I love about crocheting is that you can use your yarns to come up with as many designs and projects as you like. I made this crocheted poncho last year and need I say I enjoy making it and wearing it :). There is just something about wearing what you made with your hands and I believe, this is why handmade stuff will continue to be valued than machine made. Handmade connotes time, energy, details, attention and definitely, patience. Here is my poncho in all its pink and grey glory.

I found the pattern here and the video is quite easy to follow. After making the poncho, I then went ahead to make the pompoms which I made in pink and grey.

Not only did I make this poncho for myself but I made a very small but cute one for my daughter :).

And I didn’t just stop there, I went on to crochet a headband to go with the poncho to make a statement. Why not? For the video of how to make the headband, click here.

With autumn in view, I think this is a project you would not only love but will be loved by all who can appreciate handmade crochet wears.

Hope I’ve gotten you inspired to make this poncho.

Happy crocheting!



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