Learn From A Cup of Hot Tea!

Can a mug contain hot tea? Yes, it may contain the liquid but can never take its steam. The steam always has a way of rising above the liquid into the air. Such that if you put your cup of hot tea on a table and don’t tell anyone whether you are having a hot or cold beverage, they know without your telling. What a way to announce oneself, eh? 

Here is the fact, a mug cannot limit the life of hot tea. Even though it is poured into a mug, its steam doesn’t stay inside the mug. It seeps out of it. Go to the extent of covering it up and it won’t still stay inside the mug. It would rather cling to whatever you used to cover the mug! What am I saying? Don’t let anyone or any institution dictate how great you are. Don’t limit your success to the standards set by someone else. 

Don’t say “But only a set of people can get that kind of job”. You are a person, after all. Get all the know-how, character, confidence and belief that you too can get that sort of job.

Your mind can sometimes tell you “You can’t” but stand in front of the mirror and say to the other person looking back at you “You definitely can”. So, when the opportunity comes along, seize it. Some opportunities don’t drag their feet in front of you for too long to over-analyze them. This is why preparation should have been done before time. That is why it is PRE-paration!

Don’t be pessimistic, be optimistic.

Don’t be a mediocre, be an achiever.

What then? The next time you pick a cup of hot tea, remember you possess the power of influence that cannot be contained. You carry too much worth that should not be boxed by anyone or anything. 

So, refuse to be contained!

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6 thoughts on “Learn From A Cup of Hot Tea!

  1. Reblogged this on femidadaadedina and commented:
    That’s the way to go. Many end up disillusioned, lonely, cranky and cantankerous at the end of their life. Why? When they look back on their life’s trajectory they find their path littered with routes not taken, opportunities not harnessed, photocopies of other peoples’ lives and the rejection of who they really are. They are usually full of excuses, limitations and a more than thousand reasons why they have not done what they loved to do and what really thrilled them. What a life!

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