Elegant Almond Tuiles

Also known as tuilles. These wafers are dainty. They are scrumptious. They are pretty. They are crispy. They are delectable. They are just one more word, oh so delicious! Okay, I know that was more than one word. I just couldn’t resist adding the ‘oh so’ :). These lovelies originate from France and does that surprise me at all? This wonderful nation is known for all kinds of elegant pastries, sweets, and desserts. So if I were to mark these tiles, which is what tuiles mean, they passed with top marks on elegance, richness, sweetness, and crispiness. I thought I won’t have any photos to show you as my husband was so taken to these wafers, they rapidly disappeared from the plate 🙂

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Choc Chip & Nut Cookies

Today, I will be sharing with you a really great {in my opinion} recipe for chocolate and nut cookies. For me, I love my snacks crispy and crunchy. In fact, if it’s got a crunch or makes a sound when eaten, there is every likelihood that I will love it. If you like yours all soft, then watch out for the variation of this recipe in its soft and gooey glory.

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