Crocheted Cupcake Doilies

Looking for some cupcake props, either for displaying or for photography? Look no further. One of these lovely cupcake doilies can be done in 15 minutes or less. So a quick yet beautiful project to make and admire. Now, that sounds like something I would like to do, I hope you would as well. The doilies are snowflake-shaped so they would be cute on a Christmas table designated to just cupcakes. Hmmm. That is giving me an idea for Christmas already.


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Crochet Poncho and Headband

One of the many things I love about crocheting is that you can use your yarns to come up with as many designs and projects as you like. I made this crocheted poncho last year and need I say I enjoy making it and wearing it :). There is just something about wearing what you made with your hands and I believe, this is why handmade stuff will continue to be valued than machine made. Handmade connotes time, energy, details, attention and definitely, patience. Here is my poncho in all its pink and grey glory.

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Romantic Lacy Shawl + Crochet Tip

It is always great to find easy but lovely crochet patterns that would capture your interest and won’t leave your thoughts until you pick up your crochet hook and yarn to make them. This lovely pattern happens to fall under that category, it’s one of the projects I have made that I couldn’t stop until it was all finished. Crocheting a beautiful shawl is one thing but crocheting a romantic lacy shawl is another thing. I really enjoyed making this shawl and I got the pattern here.

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Weekend Granny Throw with a twist

Today, I will be sharing one of the gorgeous throws on Redheart that I crocheted years back. It’s kind of the first huge blanket I ever made and I have to say that since that time, I’ve been hooked {no pun intended} on making blankets. I so love the colours that they used and tried to get colours close to them but using King Cole yarns. You can find the pattern right here and this is my version of it.

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Starburst Crocheted Blanket

When I was still pregnant with my son, I decided to crochet a lovely blanket before the delivery date to welcome him to the world and our family. This was exactly what I did when we were expecting my first child, so a lovely blanket was awaiting her arrival. A tradition kind of.

I had so many patterns that were ‘winking’ at me to crochet them and at that point, I just couldn’t make my mind up quite easily. However, after considering the features of what I wanted in a baby blanket, I settled for this lovely starburst pattern I found here.

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