Onion & Pepper Cheese Straws

This is just the twin to my garlic cheese twists. They are made out of puff pastry instead of all purpose flour as was the case with the garlic cheese twists.

Do you know what I call puff pastry? Flaky layers of scrumptiousness. If you like flaky snacks, then rest assured you will like these yummy snacks.

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Mixed nuts & Pumpkin seeds Granola cereal

Granola cereals are quite expensive. They usually come in ‘not too big’ boxes like what you find in Crunchy nut and co. and they are way pricier than them. This reason plus the fact that I wanted to be the one deciding how much sugar goes into my cereal made me go hunting for granola recipes that work. After some looking around, I found one here and tweaked it by adding some ingredients to my own liking. 

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Homemade Dinner Bread Rolls

Dinner rolls. Does that mean they can only be eaten for dinner? Hmmm, well we actually ate these on a nice Saturday morning. So, why are they called dinner rolls and not breakfast rolls? I don’t know exactly but call them whatever you like and eat them whenever you like. All that matter is that they are oh so soft, delicious and not too difficult to make :). I hope you enjoy them as much as we did.

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Garlic Cheese Twists

Want a quick savoury snack that the whole family will enjoy and probably ask for more? Look no further. Just grab all the ingredients listed below, follow the baking guide and within an hour, everyone should be munching away on these gorgeously tasting cheese twists. These twists are delicious, savoury and have a way of luring the palate for more. Need I say more? Okay, I will. They are cheesy 🙂

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