It’s so scarce these days to find someone looking out for you to offer a hand of help. We seem to look away or give an excuse of being busy or having something more important to achieve than giving a helping hand. Even some say they don’t want to be too forward and invade someone’s privacy and as such neglect the little time to help someone on their way.

The truth is that there are so many people around you that need your ‘little help’. It may not seem like much to you but to the helped, you have just succeeded in making their day or relieving them of a huge problem. Being of help to others does not mean you are vulnerable or naive but quite the opposite, it builds up great character and strength in you, it empowers you to make the world a better place or a better time for someone whether known to you or strange.

Sometimes, giving help may not be convenient but think of it this way, how grateful would you feel if someone helped you out of a situation even though not convenient for them and see how this thought would spur you on to be of help.

Finally, don’t give help to be seen or noticed but let it come right out of your kind heart to do so. I believe every individual has the capacity to love and help anyone around them, but excuses and nonchalant attitude have settled on the hearts of some. Get up and dust those hindrances away and reveal your kind heart to the world around you. This doesn’t mean you are vulnerable but that you are strong and if your question is ‘but people tend to take you for granted when they see this side of you.’ One, those people are far below your league and second, being a helpful person doesn’t mean you can’t say NO when you sense someone is about to take you for granted!


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