I can tell you without a doubt in my mind that my life could never have been better if I have not committed it to loving the Lord and obeying His words in everything I do. I gave my life to Christ at quite a tender age and yes, I knew what I was getting into. I have had quite a journey since then resisting peer pressure, learning to not just be a Christian in words but in deeds even when it’s so difficult to do so and not to mention, dealing with the demise of my Mum and brother. I can honestly say that if it was not that I have God in my life, all these events and more would have wrecked my life.

In a world that offers no guarantee of anything and makes no sense most times, God has helped me through fellowship and His Word make sense of it. For me, it’s not so much about what I can receive but what I give to my world from the abundance of what I have been and would be blessed with. This is what fulfilling your purpose is all about and I am keen to do just that. Giving your life to Christ is a step you take to lose your old ways of life and gain all things new. It makes you peaceful and in tune with your Creator and makes you not dependent on your own abilities to make things happen in your life but dependent on God to lead you in the way you should go. Being a Christian is not a religion to me but a way of life and one I’m grateful for.