Dealing With Competition!

Recently, I was thinking about my business and how best I should deal with the many competitions around me and the things that I need to understand and take along with me on this journey of making my business a success. The points below are what I came up with which I think will help me in months and years to come in having a successful business. So, I thought to share these with anyone who may be dealing with competition in an industry or workplace.


Now for this point, you can either be or give the best. So often, people become complacent when in business or even at work such that they stop improving on themselves or their skills. Many training and workshop opportunities pass them by and they continually give one excuse or the other that stops them from going to such events. No matter how good you are, you can be better. The same goes for your products. Don’t lower your standard or quality in the name of being competitive. However hard this may sound, the truth is that people that want the best can differentiate between quality and quantity. They are willing to pay for the best quality no matter how much it’s priced.

No matter how good you are, you can be better.


#2. BE YOU

A competition would never be a competition if everyone is the same. Just imagine a beauty contest where all the contestants are the same in looks and other features. It goes without saying that not only will the judges be at their wits’ end but the right person may not win. So, don’t be your competition, be you. Bring all your qualities into whatever you are doing and you will see yourself succeeding. Just stay true to who you are and your beliefs. 

Don’t be your competition, be you.


Focus in this context is when you are basically not swayed by the many voices around you and sometimes in you that tells you to quit or perhaps that you’re not good enough. This feeling of intimidation is one that must be dealt with as quickly and early as possible. When you look up to the sky and see a flock of birds taking flight, you will never see all of them in a straight line or descend at the same time. However, they will all arrive the destination IN THEIR OWN TIME. So dear friend, no matter how slow you think your business is taking to fly, keep doing what you’re doing and you will get to your destination sooner than you think. Don’t waste time comparing yourself with a competitor as this will slow you down significantly.

One thing that will also make you stand out irrespective of any competition is the favor of God. The Bible says when the ways of a man please God, He makes even his enemies at peace with him. When you have the grace of God upon you, competition should not bother you because when the Lord is on your side, everything including your competition will work together for your good.

So, the next time you see a competition, remember to be the best, be you, stay focused and favored!


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