God’s Plan vs. Our Plans!

One thing I have learned over time as a Christian is never to look back and regret where I am now based on where I’m coming from. This feeling of regret often set in when we believe we should have achieved more than we have already accomplished. 

It usually barrages our thoughts with ‘maybe if’ and ‘if only’. Some examples are;

‘Maybe if I have studied that course, I would be living a better life today’. 

‘If only I knew I would have still stayed in that relationship even though ungodly ‘cos now I have no man coming along to ask me out.’

‘Maybe if I had relocated when my best friend did, I would have gotten a better job than what I have right now.’

Had I known, I would have stayed back at …, maybe I would have had more opportunities and my life would have grown a lot more.

Thoughts like these ones have the potential to weigh you down and make you feel like a failure or like you have not made any progress in life. Where you are today does not define where you will be tomorrow. It doesn’t limit the great plan God has for your future.

What you see today is not all there is to God’s plan for your life!

Some people are where they are today so that their lives can be preserved and some others do not have what they want today because perhaps having that thing could be the undoing of their lives. 


What we want may not be what we need.

As Christians, we must learn to trust that God does not make a mistake about His plan for our lives. Once you commit your life to Him, He begins to direct your steps and help you in making the best decisions about life – ones you will not regret later in life but be grateful for.

Trusting God who knows the end from the beginning and the beginning of the end is what is very essential to dealing with the ‘maybe ifs’ and ‘if onlys’.

So, the next time you feel like you are not where you think you should be, remember that where you today is tied to God’s plan for your life. It’s all part of this wonderful jigsaw puzzle.

It may not make sense today but keep your faith and be expectant of what He is about to do next!


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