I Cast All My Cares Upon You | Kelly Willard

When life’s cares like a storm want to drown you, choose to hold on to God’s anchor. Be still and know that God is there to still the storm and see you safely to shore. He promised He will never leave you nor forsake you and you have to believe just that to overcome. Here is a song to encourage you to cast all your cares upon God. He alone has the power and ability to absolve them. Stay peaceful!


Give It Up!

Many things come right at us in the form of worries every single day. Waking up late on a Monday morning has the power to set our hearts to worry if we would be able to catch our ‘regular’ bus or train to work and if you don’t use the public commute, you worry if you can still make it in time with the ‘regular’ traffic on your way. If only that can set our hearts in ‘worry mode’, then how about if you or your child has to be on a waiting list for school or waiting for an interview feedback for a dream job, not to talk of when we are faced with financial, emotional, relationship or health issues.

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Weekend Granny Throw with a twist

Today, I will be sharing one of the gorgeous throws on Redheart that I crocheted years back. It’s kind of the first huge blanket I ever made and I have to say that since that time, I’ve been hooked {no pun intended} on making blankets. I so love the colours that they used and tried to get colours close to them but using King Cole yarns. You can find the pattern right here and this is my version of it.

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