It Pays To Laugh!

We live in a world that is full of things to make us frown, sad, upset, frustrated and just overwhelmed. These things have the ability to stifle our joy, thereby making us go around with a heavy heart and a sad face. 

However, we have to make up our minds to find things to make us laugh. Laughter makes us more relaxed and has the ability to reduce whatever stress we’re going through. After a good bout of laughter, it is possible to see issues from a more positive perspective. 

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Family Day Out Pictures 1

A couple of days ago, my family and I decided to have a day out. It was a nice summer day and we just thought to make the most of it and so out we went. Since we planned to only visit the museum this time, I decided to take pictures of anything that catches my fancy as we travel to the museum. First of my captures was this building, after giving it some effects, this was what it looks like. However, look out for the original photo right after this one.

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Your Life, Your Ministration!

Many a time, we find ourselves wanting to be true ambassadors of Christ and reach out to our world for Jesus Christ. We yearn to preach the gospel, win souls for Christ and get these people to be firmly rooted in the Word of God.

All these things are so good however if all we do is let our talk do the ministration and not our lives then we may face hostility, non-acceptance and closed doors from those we want to reach out to.
Our lives are what many are reading and our attitudes are what most watch. It is for this reason, we should let our lives be the ministration and our talk, the accompaniment.

Your life speaks more than your words!

God help us all!