10 Great Foods to Eat During Your 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

Hope you were able to get some good information from the 10 great foods to eat during your 1st trimester of pregnancy. I’m almost rounding up my 2nd trimester and I must say that it has been quite an interesting one.

So let’s get down to take a look at some 10 great foods to eat during your 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Continue reading

Pregnancy Beetroot Juice

I have always known about the nutritional value of beetroots and the essential nourishment you can get from them as a pregnant woman. Beetroots are rich in folate, folic acid and soluble fibre. Some of its health benefits are the fact that beetroots are quite low in calories, and they provide high levels of folate when taken by pregnant women to help reduce the risk or chance of spina bifida in unborn children.  This condition is when the spine does not develop as it should and as such leaves a gap in the spine. Therefore, it is essential that a good amount of folic acid is taken before and at the early stages of pregnancy to minimise the risk of this condition.

I decided to give beetroots another chance in this pregnancy after I tried in my first but was not too keen about the ‘earthy’ taste but could do with the sweetness. This time, I told myself that the health benefits outweighs the taste and sought to remedy that by not eating but juicing it up. Yes, juicing was definitely the key to it.

Juicing is a wonderful way to pack up all the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals present in fresh fruits and vegetables to guarantee the optimum health nd vitality our bodies require.

So, off I went to juice up my beetroots and yes, you guessed right, I also added some other ingredients to make it more appetising.

After juicing and mixing all the ingredients, it was without any doubt, a most refreshing drink especially served chilled.

Simply marvellous beetroot juice

What you need

2 packs of 300g cooked beetroots

1 or 2 apples {depending on how keen you are to hide the taste of the beetroots}

Fresh orange juice to taste {optional}

What to do

  • Juice the beetroots and apples in a whole fruit juicer
  • Add fresh orange juice and mix well with a spoon to get all ingredients together
  • Relax and enjoy

This is so easy to make and very nutritious for both you and the precious bundle of joy kicking inside you.


[Music Video] Giving Up Won’t Help!

We all face challenges in life and just as our faces are different so also our issues differ from one another. Whilst to the rich, financial issues are no problem at all, it is the greatest challenge to a poor man. A student trying to pass a course to graduate may have challenges comprehending the course, but his lecturer has no such issue except the workload that is causing marital strains. Though both present in the same classroom, different woes beset them.

I have come to realise that to every stage of life, there exists a challenge. However, don’t let the issue beat you, make sure you beat it.

It’s never worth it to give up. It takes nothing to give up but it takes strength and courage to persevere to reach the goal.

I dedicate this song to everyone out there passing through a challenge, including myself. Don’t give up, don’t give in cos God has not brought you this far to leave you or hang you out to dry.