Heading back to what matters!

Very lately, I have been so busy with juggling my job with maternal and wifely duties topped with building a business that I believe that my relationship with God has not been at a place where I would want it to be. Prayer time has become rushed, taking the time to study God’s Word has become a rarity and please don’t even mention a nice quiet time with my loving Father. Our everyday lives are so boxed with too many things on our ‘to-do’ list, many errands to run, many meetings to attend, many goals to accomplish, kids to take care of, business that requires your attention to grow, career that needs you to fly, family that needs you to be an active and not a passive part of their lives and the list is inevitably endless. Now, most of these things are not in themselves bad or sinful, in fact, most if not all of the things we do or pursue to achieve are all good things.

However, when it gets to a level where you don’t know where you are with God or where you know your passion for God has waned then that is when you need to stop and take a good look at what really matters.

There is an easy assumption that when you call God your loving Father, you should be spending loads of time with Him; basking in His love, sharing your innermost fears, getting encouragement for your dreams, asking for His leading in your decision-making, getting his ‘okay’ for the things you are about to do and just enjoying in His Presence. However, this doesn’t seem to be the case as our lives are barraged with all sort of distractions that subtly but really are taking our attention away from God.

Sometimes, we assume that we are doing fine on our Christian journey but there is nothing that can be further from the truth than that. Granted that we have not gone back to the world or committing sins upon sins but could our busy lives be taking God’s place or reducing the time spent with the Father. The question I then need to ask myself is this, ‘Are my busy days stealing from the quality of my relationship with God?’


Here is the truth, every relationship demands a level of sacrifice for it to thrive. For us who live very busy lives, the sacrifice of time is required in having that close relationship we long for with God. Making good use of our lunch break to read a portion of the Scriptures or praying while cooking or doing the dishes could be the way to go. Even, the sacrifice of spending less time on our phones could make a huge difference in making our relationship with God work!

Whatever the sacrifice, the time spent with God is far more worthwhile.


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