Count Your Blessings!

When you are tempted to groan in complaint,

Count your blessings.

When you think you should be farther in life than you are,

Count your blessings.

When it seems what you have is small compared to your neighbour’s,

Count your blessings.

When life’s expectations are not met by your standards,

Count your blessings.

When you are surmounted with the cares of this world,

Count your blessings.

When what tomorrow holds fill your mind with worry,

Count your blessings.

Yes, if you can name your blessings,

Go ahead and name them.

Some people don’t have what you have,

What you have is their own answer to prayers,

That’s why you have to count your blessings.

If It Gets You Worried, Pray!

If it bothers you and you can’t sleep, pray.

If it makes you fretful and you are so down, pray.

If you don’t know what to do about it, pray.

If you’re indecisive about what to do, pray.

If your mind doesn’t settle even when you think you’ve made the right choice, pray

If you’re at a crossroad, not knowing where to turn, pray

If it seems all hope is lost, pray

If it doesn’t work as you desire, pray

If you’re broken and distraught, pray

If you’re tired of going on, pray

If you feel like giving up, pray

Whatever it may be,

Wherever it may be,

Whoever it is about,


The Power of Two!

The binding of two hearts

The coming together of two bodies

The union of two minds 

The synergy of two destinies

The working together of two opinions

The agreement of two variances

The harmony of two individualities

The connection between two personalities

Marriage may be between two persons

But it must find a singular meeting ground 

One plus one is always greater than one minus one

Keep the Marriage fire burning!


Life’s Too Short!

I believe this to be a great post to share. Life’s too short not to be all you should be! E.N.J.O.Y life…

Life’s too short not to be happy,

Because happiness is like a medicine; it cures life’s heartaches.

Life’s too short not to dream,

Because dreams are like foundations; they precede every great edifice.

Life’s too short to live in fear,

Because fear is an unfair company; very unprofitable to mingle with.

Life’s too short to yield to failure,

Because failure is nothing but a detour; not a dead-end street.

Life’s too short to waste time,

Because time is a priceless commodity; precious yet irreplaceable.

Life’s too short to make excuses,

Because excuses are inexpensive; they cost a dime for a dozen.

Life’s too short not to stand for what you believe,

Because believe is a driving force; it propels & powers your conviction.

Life’s too short not to take action,

Because taking action is a proof of your courage; it unleashes

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