Count Your Blessings | Sebastian Demrey & Jimmy Lahaie

I remember singing this hymn as a teenager with very few ‘cares’ and perhaps not really relating to the lyrics as I do now. With so many issues of life staring at us in the face, it is very easy to complain, worry and become hopeless. However, we must remind ourselves constantly that we do have many things to be thankful for. What you have in abundance is someone’s miracle!


Learn From A Cup of Hot Tea!

Can a mug contain hot tea? Yes, it may contain the liquid but can never take its steam. The steam always has a way of rising above the liquid into the air. Such that if you put your cup of hot tea on a table and don’t tell anyone whether you are having a hot or cold beverage, they know without your telling. What a way to announce oneself, eh? 

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Keep At It!

My daughter sure knows how to persistently ask for something. Once she set her eyes on anything she wants, she would barrage you with a truckload of ‘pleases’. Even after I say, I’ll give you that later, she never forgets. She would leave for a while and come back again later to ask of you what she wants. Just yesterday, she asked me to give her a crayon and I said to her, “I’ll give you later, you just finish eating.” After eating, she came back and asked for it again and again and again till I left what I was doing to give her THE crayon.

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