There Is Always A Way!

My almost 2-year-old daughter teaches me life’s lessons so many times a day. She’s taught me how to be persistent by the way she keeps calling ‘Mummy’ for umpteenth time in order to get my attention or ask me for something. She’s taught me how to get straight to the point by telling me exactly what she wants anytime I asked her the question ‘what do you want?’. She always takes advantage of that question though cos she goes on to ask for several things in one breath.

One lesson I learned today from her very active nature is that there’s always a way even when it seems there is no way. The story was that a couple of days ago, she threw one of her favourite book ‘The Hive’ at the back of one of the living room’s radiators and yes, you guessed right the book got stuck and every attempt to get it out proved futile.

However, today she asked for it and we (I and my husband) said to each other that we have to get the book out by whatever means. My reason to get it out was because we would soon need to start putting the radiators on for warmth and my daughter’s reason was to get her much loved book and my husband’s reason was to, well, get the wants of the ladies in his life fulfilled (always seem to be the case, isn’t?).

Anyway, he tried using hangers to get it out from the top since there wasn’t any way to get it out from the bottom but each time the book gets to a point where you want to reach out and grab it, it just falls back down.

We tried it many times and though funny now, it wasn’t funny at all at the time as we both had things to do, but here we are trying to retrieve a book from the back of the radiator. It was at this point that an idea struck me.

We can use some of my crochet yarn to get the book out by looping the yarn around the pages of the book and then lift it up and out. Well, I sold the idea to my husband, got him the yarn and went back to the kitchen. Few minutes later, the book was out and there was much celebration by all concerned.

Then, I thought to myself and said it out loud, ‘ there’s always a way even when it appears to be no way’. This inspired me to always be hopeful for all the things I want to see happen in my life and if one way  fails or one door closes, another will surely be available or open for you.


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