What’s In Your Hands?

Our lives are full of needs that we want God to meet. These needs could be healing for ourselves or a loved one, it could even be school admission for ourselves or our kids or it may be that your present need is to meet the ‘one’ so you can finally settle down to start a family. Others may have all the above but need money for the tuition fees, a new job to be able to support the family adequately or even a better accommodation to bring up the children in a more spacious place. The truth is that we all have needs and as our faces are different so also our needs are. 

God wants us to get to a place where we trust Him completely with our needs and rely on Him to lead us to answers. Sometimes, He uses what we have in our hands to bring about the solution we require. This was exactly what happened to Moses and his rod. God used the rod in Moses’ hand to perform miracles before Pharaoh so he could believe that Moses was sent by God and that same rod was used to part the Red Sea. The widow whose husband had died and was left with two sons to take care of and debts to pay was another classic example of releasing what we have in our hands. All she had was a small jar of olive oil but that turn into many jars full of olive oil. In fact, the oil stopped flowing only when there was not a jar left to be filled.

We all have something in our hands to release so that God can multiply us. Some may have a talent that needs to be released to get that blessing whilst some may need to release that food or money in order to get even more. The bottom line is that we have to believe in Him to meet us at the point of that need when we release what we have in our hands.

We can never receive with our hands full!


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