There Is Always A Way!

My almost 2-year-old daughter teaches me life’s lessons so many times a day. She’s taught me how to be persistent by the way she keeps calling ‘Mummy’ for umpteenth time in order to get my attention or ask me for something. She’s taught me how to get straight to the point by telling me exactly what she wants anytime I asked her the question ‘what do you want?’. She always takes advantage of that question though cos she goes on to ask for several things in one breath.

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#Love Reigns!

We live in such a selfish world where people want to get ahead of others at all costs, they care less how many toes they step on to achieve their goals. Many don’t even stop for a second to look out for the needs of others staring at them in the face. They either ignore it or pretend it’s not there.

We live in the world where true love has turned into fairy tales or fantasies rather than being the reality that it is. Love, these days is not blind but has a perfect vision of what it wants and what’s in it for it. No, we need to conquer this selfish way of doing and seeing things. Don’t select those to love, love everyone regardless.

Slay the dragons with love.

Cross the oceans with love.

Climb the mountains with love.

Okay, not literally for these three things but figuratively. Be there for someone with love. Don’t turn away, don’t wish an opportunity to show love away but respond in love.

When you do, watch how love reigns!