The Power of Two!

The binding of two hearts

The coming together of two bodies

The union of two minds 

The synergy of two destinies

The working together of two opinions

The agreement of two variances

The harmony of two individualities

The connection between two personalities

Marriage may be between two persons

But it must find a singular meeting ground 

One plus one is always greater than one minus one

Keep the Marriage fire burning!


Why Commitment Matters!

Today’s society has in many ways made nothing out of commitment. You only need to watch a few movies and see how commitment has been tagged old-fashioned and not necessary in this age and dispensation. Many view commitment as so last century and think that when someone they are in a relationship with suggests commitment, it is time to check out. The situation is no better even in friendships, how many people will stay committed to their friends through the thick and thin and how many will remain loyal when the going is no longer as good as it was in the beginning? But really, let’s give it a thought. What is wrong with commitment?

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