10 Great Foods to Eat During Your 1st Trimester of Pregnancy

Have I mentioned that I’m currently pregnant with our second baby? I believe I have but if not, yes, I’m 26 weeks pregnant.  We’re excited and looking forward to meeting our adorable baby soon.

Though, I’m now within the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy, I thought it’d be great to share some great foods to eat during the 1st trimester of pregnancy. I get the fact that you’re just finding out or have just recently found out that you’re pregnant and you are perhaps bubbling with joy and your thoughts are running riot at the same time to start planning for an addition to your life and family and this is not to talk of the tiredness, nausea, frequent urination, backaches or headaches you might be experiencing.

But while all of those things are going on, there is a need to get the best nutrition to your baby so as to get a great headstart in its development and growth. Amongst, many foods I would share 10 that would provide optimal nutrition to both you and baby.

So here goes;


Three things that make almonds great to eat is because they are a good source of antioxidants which help to fight free radicals, they also increase the levels of good cholesterol and reduce the presence of bad cholesterol in the blood which is essential for the improvement of blood circulation, oxygen and nutrition for your baby. Lastly, they are a lovely source of folate which is advised for all pregnant women to prevent birth defects.


If you are after a meal with a good source of proteins and is easy to digest, then lamb is definitely a nice choice. Have you ever thought why you are so tired in the first two months into your pregnancy? Well, one of the reasons is because your blood volume increases between 40-50 percent and you need a lot of protein to attain that. Lamb has also got other vitamins and minerals that are beneficial to a healthy you and baby.


This sure goes great with lamb. Eating brown rice will provide a good amount of fibre needed to maintain blood pressure, sugar levels and cholesterol. This is not to mention the fact that it makes you fuller for longer which help combat hunger and as a result morning sickness.


One thing you would get used to whenever you visit the doctor or midwife for antenatal purposes is that your blood pressure would be regularly taken and monitored. While bananas are not the only fruit that can be eaten to maintain normal blood pressure, it sure has a good amount of potassium that would contribute to a good blood pressure. Also, bananas contain Vit. B6 which can help when dealing with morning sickness.


I particularly like mine smooth, not crunchy but whichever way you like it, peanut butter is another good source of folate, antioxidants and zinc.While all these are good news when it comes to the good nutrients and healthy immune system you get from eating peanut butter, please make sure you stick to the ones with no added salt, sugar {I personally do not like the taste of this} or any other ingredients as these could inhibit the kind of nutrients you get from the peanut butter. Try making yours and eating them with bananas.


During my 1st trimester and even before I discovered I was pregnant, I have always loved to take lemon water because of its refreshing effect. Needless to say that lemons contain a good amount of Vit. C needed to protect your cells and baby’s developing cells as well as a good support to your immune system. Also, it’s good to know that Vit. C helps in creating collagen for the skin and it is particularly helpful when thinking of the stretch your body will soon be undertaking.


A good source of Vit. A needed for your baby’s eyes, heart and limbs development. While it is not recommended to take a huge dose of Vit. A supplements when pregnant, the moderate intake of foods like sweet potatoes is permitted when taken with other choices of foods rich in other nutrients to get a well-balanced diet.


An excellent source of calcium essential in your baby’s bone formation, so not only beneficial during the 1st trimester but in all trimesters. Also, calcium helps in your baby’s brain development as a result of the part it plays in nerve transmission. Please note, never eat any unpasteurized cheese as this kind of cheese easily afford the growth of bacteria which can be harmful to your growing baby.


Another food packed with loads of fibre, vitamins, proteins as well as minerals. What more can I say, not only do you get fuller for longer, but you also get the much-needed iron to support the growth of your baby, the placenta and the amount of the blood volume your body has to generate.


Okay, I get it, this is not so much of food, but it is so vital I can’t but list it here. Start your pregnancy on a good note by making sure you drink between 8 to 12 glasses of water a day {not a 4 oz. glass but an 8 oz. glass}. Water is needed to flush your body of waste products as well as support the normal function of your liver and kidneys as well as the baby’s. Don’t wait till you feel thirsty.

Here is to a healthy baby and wonderful pregnancy. God bless you and your baby!


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