Dealing with PCOS: Go Organic

I once told you how I use to think that selling organic foods was a way the high street supermarkets get more money out of our pockets for something we can always pay less for. My thought then was why should I pay more for exactly the same item only because there is an inclusion of ‘organic’ with the product. Well, that is what ignorance does to a person. When you are unaware of the benefits something will do for you, you get content with what you always have been used to which provides lesser benefits.

Going organic or should I say, choosing organic foods other than their non-organic counterparts is one change you may need to seriously consider when dealing with PCOS. I get the fact that they are more expensive but believe me, the health benefits you get from organic foods cannot be quantified or qualified in any way when your fertility is the subject matter.

Why then is it important that you eat organic foods? What you would mostly find with non-organic fruits and vegetables is that they have been grown with the use of herbicides, pesticides and other repellants against weeds; plant, fungal or animal pests. For the farmers, these are ways to make sure they get a better harvest but for you, these chemicals can get in your foods and causes your liver to do an extra amount of work getting rid of them and taking your body through the process of detoxification.

Meat and other dairy foods are not exempted from the list. Many farm animals are being fed on non-organic feed and injected with antibiotics to treat illnesses as well as to ensure they grow very well and have adequate weight gain. Again, while the result may be good for a farmer, these antibiotics could find their way into the produce sold to the public and they have the potential of interfering with our hormonal balance and production thereby disrupting ovulation and of course, the reality of a pregnancy occurring.


The detoxification of all these chemicals from your body now comes down to your liver. Your liver is the organ responsible for making sure that toxins and excess hormones are broken down and expelled from your body. So overworking the liver with getting rid of these chemicals could in turn lead to hormonal imbalance, one of the reasons for fertility issues.

So you see why organic foods are a better choice when dealing with PCOS. They are grown without herbicides, pesticides and other repellents as well as farmed without the use of antibiotics. Need I say more? No, but I would leave you with this thought, there is always a reason for everything and a choice you have to make in life. Why choose better when the best is right next to it?


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