10 Great Foods To Eat During Your 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

I’m currently in my last trimester of pregnancy and basically counting the weeks now before we meet our wonderful baby. It has been quite an interesting and eventful journey for my family and I. I keep thinking of all the changes our lives would be experiencing as a result of our new addition and I’m totally looking forward to it. Whilst all that is great, there is still a need to take good care of myself and our baby by eating foods that are nutritious to both of us until and beyond the due date.

So, here are 10 great foods to eat during your 3rd trimester of pregnancy;


1. Eggs

A wonderful source of protein which has all the amino acids your body require at such a time as this. Whilst protein is great for the growth of your precious baby, it is also essential for the rebuilding of your muscles and there is no telling the amount of work your muscles are subjected to right now. So, enjoy this small but great food either boiled or poached and don’t even bother frying them.

2. Papaya

Not only is this fruit or food rich in vitamins like Vit. A & C as well as fiber and folate, it is also good when dealing with constipation and heartburn which are symptoms more common during the third trimester. When choosing your papaya, make sure they are well-ripened before eating them and this goes for all fruits.

3. Celery

Great source of Vit. C, wonderful for your skin and fighting off free radicals for you both. Celery is also rich in silica which is a mineral responsible for the firming and toning of your skin and since your skin would be undergoing the ‘ultimate’ stretch this last trimester, what great choice celery would be for your skin to keep strong. I usually add it to my smoothies.



4. Sesame seeds

Rich in nutrients like protein, magnesium, phosphorus, folate, thiamin and Vit. B6, sesame seeds are also rich in calcium needed by you as you get ready for labour and also for the development of your baby’s nervous system and bones.

5. Nuts

Searching for healthy snacks then look no further, just grab some almonds, pine nuts or a mix of all the nuts {thanks to the high street supermarkets for making these easy to get} and enjoy a snack full of proteins, vitamins and minerals much needed for the health of you and your baby. Of course, stay off nuts if you are allergic!


6. Wild Salmon

Omega 3 is an essential fatty acid that you and your baby especially require for his/her brain, eyes and nervous system development. A very nutritious and healthy food that is also rich in vitamins and proteins, not to mention its delicious taste. So go ahead and enjoy this fish both now and beyond pregnancy.

7. Swiss Cheese

Another great source of calcium to keep your bones and your baby’s bones strong and healthy. Since both of you have an ongoing requirement of this mineral, then don’t just stop after delivery but continue during breastfeeding as well.

8. Parsley

A herb mostly used to garnish foods and salads. However, this herb is full of vitamins like Vit. A, C & E and minerals like iron, zinc and calcium. Whilst all that sounds like a great pack of nutrients, only stick to eating fresh parsley and don’t eat parsley oil as this is different from eating fresh parsley itself.

9. Green Peas

Another great source of protein, folate, iron, vitamins like Vit. A & C and minerals like manganese and thiamin. Green peas are surely good  vegetables for you and your baby, so try adding them to your rice like I do with other vegetables.

10. Black beans

Rich in antioxidants and minerals great for you and your baby like iron, phosphorus, magnesium and thiamin. You would also enjoy a food rich in folate and proteins when you add black beans to your diet.

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