Dealing with PCOS: A Big No to BPA Plastic

I’m back on the subject of PCOS  and finding natural ways to deal with it. Today, I would be looking into why using BPA Plastic may not help when dealing with PCOS. I was one who never knew the difference between BPA {Bisphenol A} plastic or non-BPA plastic. I just basically used any plastic available regardless of its BPA status. It wasn’t until I dug into my research on how to deal with PCOS naturally that I encountered the risk involved in using BPA plastics, especially when dealing with PCOS.

The major thing I found out about BPA is that there are reasonable studies that show that the toxic chemicals found in plastics could inhibit the hormonal system and as a result, these chemicals could make embryos unable to attach properly to the uterine lining. 

After my research and reading articles like the one that I would be sharing with you alongside this post on the effect of BPA when trying to conceive or dealing with PCOS, I didn’t hesitate to ditch plastic bottled water and yes, I started carrying water in my stainless steel flask to work and in some cases, I got glass bottled water on the go{for my UK audience, look out for VOSS Artesian Water}.

I know you may be thinking how so inconvenient this may be but trust me, you want to cover all ends when you’re trying to conceive or when dealing with PCOS. Think of it that you’re doing your health and your fertility a whole lot of good as well as the fact that you do not want anything especially BPA plastic to get in your way of having a good hormonal system required for a healthy conception.

More insights on BPA and its impact on egg health have been shared by various authors and one of such is an article written by Hethir Rodriguez of The Natural Fertility Company. I firmly believe that this article would be of benefit to you in your journey of dealing with PCOS.

I would share this article with you directly after this post so, watch out for it.

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