Family Day Out Pictures 1

A couple of days ago, my family and I decided to have a day out. It was a nice summer day and we just thought to make the most of it and so out we went. Since we planned to only visit the museum this time, I decided to take pictures of anything that catches my fancy as we travel to the museum. First of my captures was this building, after giving it some effects, this was what it looks like. However, look out for the original photo right after this one.

How magnificent is that? Lovely, right? I know. I just couldn’t stop admiring this picture. Anyway, moving on I saw this next building which is not as grand as the first but had some features that were still fascinating, nonetheless. I call it the gated building having two tall trees as guards :).

Next up, are these flowers. I love flowers and so any opportunity to take photos of beautiful ones is welcomed by me.

Aren’t they beautiful? I think the cobblestones kind of set them off quite nicely.

I would stop there for now and conclude this post tomorrow when I would post some photos of the museum and some of the photos I took in it. 

Have a beautiful day! 


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