Good Good Father | Chris Tomlinson

I just want to say that God is indeed a good good Father. Where I am today may not be where I want to be but I’m still grateful that I’m on a journey with Him leading me along the way. With a grateful heart, I sing this beautiful song of worship. Join me as we sing Good Good Father by Chris Tomlinson.

Reflections of the Past Year!

Hey everyone,

Today is my birthday. Woohoo!

I’m grateful to be alive and well. Grateful for what God has blessed me with. Grateful for where I am. Grateful for where He’s brought me from. Grateful for being blessed with a great family network and by this I refer to my immediate family, my sisters and their families as well as family friends. Grateful for being here today. Where I was last year is not where I am today and for that reason only, my heart is so full of praises to God. He is real and still very much interested in every of His children. In the light of thanksgiving, early this birthday day of mine I took a trip down a short memory lane to the past year.

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Dealing With PCOS: Herbs for Fertility | Vitex

I started a discussion on different kind of herbs for fertility last week in the bid to have a look at some herbs that could be of benefit when dealing with PCOS and primarily, preparing the body for fertility and conception. So, taking it from where we left off last week, the next herb I would like to discuss is Vitex. It is also known as Chaste tree, chaste berry, Abraham’s balm, agnus castus and monk’s pepper. It is mostly found in Western Asia and Southern Europe. This herb is widely known for its usefulness when it comes to balancing hormones and regulating menstrual periods. Menstrual cycles are a way of your body preparing for a potential pregnancy, whether you are wanting to conceive or not.

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