Reflections of the Past Year!

Hey everyone,

Today is my birthday. Woohoo!

I’m grateful to be alive and well. Grateful for what God has blessed me with. Grateful for where I am. Grateful for where He’s brought me from. Grateful for being blessed with a great family network and by this I refer to my immediate family, my sisters and their families as well as family friends. Grateful for being here today. Where I was last year is not where I am today and for that reason only, my heart is so full of praises to God. He is real and still very much interested in every of His children. In the light of thanksgiving, early this birthday day of mine I took a trip down a short memory lane to the past year.

The past year was one that I would remember all the days of life. I went through stuff that wanted me to stay down and beaten. Events that were full of ups and downs, well mostly downs. Emotions running here and there, plagued with fear and tears such that it took God to revive my soul, keeping me calm and sane.

So where was I last year? Between my last birthday and now, we have gone through some financial difficulty that not only made us broke but broken. Last year October, I lost my only surviving parent, my Dad. Last year I was pregnant with my son and though a wonderful thing, I was told by one of my consultants that I would have to consider having a Caesarean section because of the experience we had when I gave birth to my daughter. This, for me, was not what I wanted and my mind would not just settle for it. All these amongst others were my experience between my last birthday and this birthday.

But you know what, one after the other, the Lord took me out of all of those times and today, I am more than grateful for Him working on our finances, more than grateful for seeing me through the pain of losing my Dad, more than grateful that the same day I was scheduled for a Caesarean section was the day my son entered this world naturally, within two and a half hours of us getting to the hospital, with no complication of any kind. Even more than grateful that I am alive today to share how good God is to me.

So, if you are passing through a trying time right now, know one thing no matter how long the night may go for, it will surely give way to the light of day. Your trying time has got an expiry date even though it may not seem like so right now but it does!

Have faith in God, be expectant and don’t lose your peace and joy. 

God bless you!

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