Baking & Decorating

Oh, I have been baking since about 5 years old with my Mum. She used to bake on a large scale and supply eateries based within the International Airport close to our home {I was always so excited anytime I was taken along to make the supplies}. She also took cake orders for birthday, anniversary and wedding occasions. I remember growing up and building my arm muscles from mixing cake batter {she didn’t own an electric mixer} and yes, we were happy to take turns to mix the batter knowing the reward that was going to come afterwards.

So for me, you can safely say I was born into baking but I never took it seriously until my daughter’s 1st birthday party came upon me and I was looking for something unique and not too expensive but couldn’t find any within my budget and specifications. At that point, I decided to look inwards and explore my baking skills and abilities. Aside from the fact that I was excited to bake her first birthday cakes myself, I was also seeking perfection for a beginner like myself. So, I took up the challenge and produced the birthday cakes family and friends did not believe I made. This just goes to show that when you set your mind to accomplish a thing or task, you can do IT! All it takes is a measure of determination, a pinch of confidence and a serving of ‘can do’ spirit.