Life’s Too Short!

I believe this to be a great post to share. Life’s too short not to be all you should be! E.N.J.O.Y life…

Life’s too short not to be happy,

Because happiness is like a medicine; it cures life’s heartaches.

Life’s too short not to dream,

Because dreams are like foundations; they precede every great edifice.

Life’s too short to live in fear,

Because fear is an unfair company; very unprofitable to mingle with.

Life’s too short to yield to failure,

Because failure is nothing but a detour; not a dead-end street.

Life’s too short to waste time,

Because time is a priceless commodity; precious yet irreplaceable.

Life’s too short to make excuses,

Because excuses are inexpensive; they cost a dime for a dozen.

Life’s too short not to stand for what you believe,

Because believe is a driving force; it propels & powers your conviction.

Life’s too short not to take action,

Because taking action is a proof of your courage; it unleashes

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