Creating things has been a huge part of me since childhood. I remembered designing my own cartoon series and loving my creativity classes so much that I won’t rest until I have tried out what I’ve learnt. As an adult, different crafts have caught my interest but for now, I’m currently into crocheting, loom knitting and making hair accessories. I picked up crocheting when I went on a Youth Service programme about 8 years ago in a very remote village and despite the language barrier I was able to learn how to crochet perfectly well from a young girl. This stayed with me for that long and even though I didn’t particularly work on loads of projects, I kept reminding myself of the skills I have learnt. It wasn’t until over 3 years ago that I re-discovered the joy of crocheting and since then, I have worked on a number of projects and sold some of them.

Loom knitting is fairly a new craft for me though it’s over a year that I have been on that and I have worked on quite a number of projects on that as well. My last craft interest is making hair accessories and I believe this was born out of wanting unique hair accessories for my daughter. What I do is to get all the materials needed and create lovely ribbon hair bows like the Pinwheel and loopy puff hair bows. I really enjoy making things and seeing them on people especially my family. I guess that is another way of loving and taking good care of them.