Family Life

Getting married and starting a family have always been my dream. So, here I am living the dream and learning every day about marriage and motherhood. It was one thing married and for a time, just the two of us and a totally different world when our daughter came into the picture. I’m at that point where things are about to change again because our second child is on the way.

A family is a place where we learn as we grow,

A place where we learn to make sacrifices for one another,

A place where we are not afraid to be who we truly are,

A place where others help us harness the talents hidden within us,

A place where we grow and share lifelong memories,

A place where we uphold one another when challenges come,

A place where we celebrate one another’s achievements and successes,

A place where your first fans and cheerleaders exist,

A place where GOD dwells and live among His people,

A place we are forever grateful for.

Being married and motherhood have taught me many lessons and I would be sharing some of my discoveries with you. STAY TUNED!