I have been cooking for ages. I remembered a time when I made chicken stew for my teenage friends and they were blown away by the taste of the dish. For me, knowing how to cook wasn’t really an option as my Mum prepared every meal I had when growing up {well, except for when I go to parties or stay over at a family friend’s place}. She cooked all sorts of dishes and I’m grateful to her for imbibing or should I say, passing on such great culinary skills and abilities. I definitely intend to pass this on to my own children as there is nothing that beats a well-cooked home meal.

preparing food

I always view my kitchen the same way an artist would view a studio or the way an actor would view the stage – a place of discovery and inspiration. I particularly love looking at kitchens in magazines and advertisements and dreaming of someday owning a state of the art, spacious and beautifully equipped kitchen. I really pray it happens soon {I guess you can sense my excitement already}. Well, yes that is how much I love kitchens and what I do there. Trying out different recipes from all over the world has also been my thing. I’m always keen to learn and try them out and when they come out just right, I experience a sense of achievement all the time.