If It Gets You Worried, Pray!

If it bothers you and you can’t sleep, pray.

If it makes you fretful and you are so down, pray.

If you don’t know what to do about it, pray.

If you’re indecisive about what to do, pray.

If your mind doesn’t settle even when you think you’ve made the right choice, pray

If you’re at a crossroad, not knowing where to turn, pray

If it seems all hope is lost, pray

If it doesn’t work as you desire, pray

If you’re broken and distraught, pray

If you’re tired of going on, pray

If you feel like giving up, pray

Whatever it may be,

Wherever it may be,

Whoever it is about,


Talking with my Father…

Some people believe prayer should be at a certain time or in a certain place or even in a certain position. It’s been conceived to be a time when you ask God for only certain things. This reminds me of a joke which tells of a father asking his son to pray before going to bed and the son asked for his lost ball to be found but his dad stopped him and said ‘Son, you need to ask God for more serious things, we don’t want to waste His time’. Really! Like, how can it be heard that I was ‘talking’ to God to help me shift my postnatal weight? Of course, that would sound absolutely ridiculous to some but to me, that’s the way I talk to my Father. I let Him in on every single detail of my life ‘cos no other person can father me the way God does. Continue reading