Talking with my Father…

Some people believe prayer should be at a certain time or in a certain place or even in a certain position. It’s been conceived to be a time when you ask God for only certain things. This reminds me of a joke which tells of a father asking his son to pray before going to bed and the son asked for his lost ball to be found but his dad stopped him and said ‘Son, you need to ask God for more serious things, we don’t want to waste His time’. Really! Like, how can it be heard that I was ‘talking’ to God to help me shift my postnatal weight? Of course, that would sound absolutely ridiculous to some but to me, that’s the way I talk to my Father. I let Him in on every single detail of my life ‘cos no other person can father me the way God does.

Remember, God is our Father and our Friend. He is very interested in every bit of our lives, no matter how minute the details. He wants to be involved in everything that represents us and the feeling should be mutual.

I don’t have to be in a certain place, at a certain time or in a certain position to talk to Him. No, I don’t have to ask Him for only ‘serious’ things like for Him to protect me or provide for me or help me to make a big decision. I can definitely ask Him for the seemingly ridiculous things. That is what a father-child relationship should be with God.

I love talking to God about everything and anything. When I start to get concerned about a situation, I talk to Him. When I need help about an issue, I talk to Him. When I need to get started on a project, I talk to Him. When I need to get things done, I have a chat with Him. It doesn’t matter how simple your words may be to Him, He hears and He acts on them. Remember, He’s not impressed by how polished your words are nor how posh your accent sounds let alone, where you are talking to Him from. Just have that chat with Him and trust that He hears and He is working on it, whether it sounds ridiculous or not!

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