Dealing with PCOS: A Big No to BPA Plastic

I’m back on the subject of PCOS  and finding natural ways to deal with it. Today, I would be looking into why using BPA Plastic may not help when dealing with PCOS. I was one who never knew the difference between BPA {Bisphenol A} plastic or non-BPA plastic. I just basically used any plastic available regardless of its BPA status. It wasn’t until I dug into my research on how to deal with PCOS naturally that I encountered the risk involved in using BPA plastics, especially when dealing with PCOS. Continue reading

It’s been a long time…

Hello everyone,

It has really been a long time since I last posted and I must say that I have missed being on my page posting educational articles and inspirational lines as well as interacting with everyone who stops by to view my blog. To answer your question of where I’ve been all this while. Well, I have been very busy with our latest addition to the family who joined us over 6 months ago. He’s getting bigger and bigger as the months roll by and sometimes, I wonder where the time has gone since I can still vividly remember his arrival to the world.

Now that I think my son and I have come to some kind of agreement as to how we both manage our time (him mostly using his for eating and sleeping), I believe it is high time I got back to blogging and I intend to start by completing the series on Dealing with PCOS: My Journey to Motherhood.

I would be giving the topic of Natural Fertility a lot more focus in the coming weeks and months as I believe a lot of people are searching for answers and support as they try to conceive.

Of course, there would still be some inspirational lines that I would keep posting as what is life without inspiration to achieve and I firmly believe these would be relevant for both those who are TTC and those who are not.

The long and short of this ‘homecoming’ post is that I’M BACK and I missed you all! So please, look forward to the coming posts from Open Pleasures.

Stay tuned!