Dealing With PCOS: My Journey to Motherhood 1

On this journey to discuss extensively on natural fertility, I would like to start first by sharing my story and all I did to get to ‘destination motherhood.‘ Then I would explore the world of natural fertility by posting different areas of it that may help you in your own journey.

I got married in September 2010 and was excited about my marital status and all the life events I would be sharing with my husband. One of such life events was having and bringing up godly children. We decided to wait some months before trying to conceive our first child as we wanted to take out time for ourselves as well as get me settled in my new job. After almost a year, we agreed to start trying to conceive and this we did for months without getting any result. At this time, I noticed inconsistency in my menstrual periods and you can imagine how hopeful I get when I don’t get my period thinking that I was pregnant only to do a pregnancy test and for it to be negative. With all these happenings, I just had a feeling something must be wrong and had a discussion with my husband on it, we agreed at this point to speak with a doctor.

We met with this lovely doctor who sent us on series of tests to find out the root cause of my inability to conceive. After all the tests, we were invited by the doctor to discuss the results. Lots of things were going through my mind at this time and I couldn’t but wonder what the results would tell us as I remembered one of the tests I took where the sonographer doing a scan of my womb and fallopian tubes was silent throughout the procedure. I kept looking at his face to get any clue of what he was reading but all I got was a blank face and all the information he was sharing with his colleague taking notes sounded like another language to me. When I asked what the outcome of the scan was, he told me my doctor would be in touch with me to let me know.

The day to meet our doctor came and we prayed that whatever the news was, God would give us victory and work it out for our good. The result in very short words was that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome {PCOS}. Before now, I had never heard of this kind of condition and was sort of curious to know what it was all about. The first definition came from our doctor who explained simply that it is a condition where eggs or ovaries are not fully developed and as such no sperm can fertilize them to bring about conception. She referred us to a gynaecologist to further advise us on the next steps to be taken.

Whilst waiting to get an appointment with the gynaecologist, I started my research on what PCOS is and I found out that this is a condition where a woman’s hormones which are estrogen and progesterone are imbalanced and the imbalance brings about the formation of cysts on the ovaries. This then causes difficulty in ovulating and of course, fertility in general.



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