Mama, I survived!

On the 18th day of December 2013, my water broke and I called the Labour Ward to know if I should make my way down to the hospital, after some few questions I was asked to come down. So, my husband and I packed my hospital bag and excitedly went down to the hospital in preparation for the delivery of our gorgeous baby.

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10 Great Foods To Eat During Your 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

I’m currently in my last trimester of pregnancy and basically counting the weeks now before we meet our wonderful baby. It has been quite an interesting and eventful journey for my family and I. I keep thinking of all the changes our lives would be experiencing as a result of our new addition and I’m totally looking forward to it. Whilst all that is great, there is still a need to take good care of myself and our baby by eating foods that are nutritious to both of us until and beyond the due date. Continue reading

Dealing With PCOS: Weight Management

Weight plays an important role in dealing with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. Many a time, when we hear weight management, we often confuse this for people who are overweight and need to lose weight, but this may not always be the case as it may also be for folks who are underweight as well. However, with the subject of PCOS in view, you may more often than not hear of weight loss to achieve ovulation, This is because any woman with a BMI of 30 or higher would likely have issues conceiving. Continue reading

Dealing With PCOS: My Journey to Motherhood 3

It’s great to have you back as I end this series on sharing my story with you on how I overcame PCOS and became a mother despite all odds.

Once we came to a decision to explore the world of natural fertility, I spent a lot of time in my research for a natural option to fertility and I must say that I was overwhelmed with information about getting pregnant naturally.

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Dealing With PCOS: My Journey to Motherhood 2

Thanks for coming back to read about my journey to motherhood.

I continued my research on PCOS and discovered more information about this condition. PCOS or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is also known as hyperandrogenic anovulation (HA), or Stein–Leventhal syndrome. Continue reading