Dealing With PCOS: My Journey to Motherhood 3

It’s great to have you back as I end this series on sharing my story with you on how I overcame PCOS and became a mother despite all odds.

Once we came to a decision to explore the world of natural fertility, I spent a lot of time in my research for a natural option to fertility and I must say that I was overwhelmed with information about getting pregnant naturally.

I won’t bore you with too much information on what I found out but get straight down to the areas of natural fertility that helped me.

Here are they;

  • Weight loss and control; at the time I was diagnosed with PCOS, I was between UK Sizes 10 -12. For me, I wasn’t particularly overweight but had gained weight since my wedding when I was between 8 – 10, so weight loss and management was definitely something I was determined to achieve. I was able to get back to be an exact UK Size 10 before I conceived and while that was not a major loss, I monitored my weight closely throughout the time when I was preparing to conceive. Weight is very important to maintain normal ovulatory cycles and as such women should have minimum of about 20% body fat.
  • Go organic; I was one that never paid too much thought to organic foods, fruits and vegetables, in fact I thought that was another way the high street supermarkets were trying to get us to pay more on our groceries but when dealing with PCOS, you have to choose organic because you don’t want to eat foods, fruits and vegetables that are produced with pesticides, herbicides or any other substances that could impede hormone production.
  • A Big No to BPA plastic; I know that the easiest way of drinking water on the go is to take it from a bottled water that many of us don’t check whether they are BPA free or not, however any plastic you use when dealing with PCOS has to be BPA free. BPA has been said to have endocrine-disruptive properties that could mimic or block hormones thereby causing interference with body’s normal functions.
  • Consider Aromatherapy; I have heard the word ‘aromatherapy’ before I heard of ‘PCOS’ but I never had the opportunity to comprehend what aromatherapy entails until my search for natural fertility began. There are some essential oils that could help improve hormonal balance and overall wellbeing.
  • Fertility cleansing and massage; these were very important things I did to achieve natural fertility. It is important for your uterus and liver to go through cleansing in preparation for conception. As for fertility massage, this helps to bring about better blood circulation to the cervix and uterus as well as improve hormonal balance.
  • Herbs for fertility; I have always used herbs in cooking and from where I come from, herbs are always used to promote utmost wellbeing and treat illnesses so it’s not a surprise that there would be herbs that aids natural fertility. There are many herbs that could help maintain good hormonal balance and bring about regular ovulation.
  • Apitherapy can help; don’t be blown away by the word ‘apitherapy’ and just like you, this was another new terrain for me to try in my journey to motherhood. Apitherapy is a way of using bees’ product as medicine and in this case it is using royal jelly, bee propolis and bee pollen to boost fertility.

I have chosen to just list and summarise these areas to end these series but I shall be exploring each area in details consecutively so that you can understand how important they are in overcoming PCOS and achieving natural fertility.


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