10 Great Foods To Eat During Your 3rd Trimester of Pregnancy

I’m currently in my last trimester of pregnancy and basically counting the weeks now before we meet our wonderful baby. It has been quite an interesting and eventful journey for my family and I. I keep thinking of all the changes our lives would be experiencing as a result of our new addition and I’m totally looking forward to it. Whilst all that is great, there is still a need to take good care of myself and our baby by eating foods that are nutritious to both of us until and beyond the due date. Continue reading

10 Great Foods to Eat During Your 2nd Trimester of Pregnancy

Hope you were able to get some good information from the 10 great foods to eat during your 1st trimester of pregnancy. I’m almost rounding up my 2nd trimester and I must say that it has been quite an interesting one.

So let’s get down to take a look at some 10 great foods to eat during your 2nd trimester of pregnancy. Continue reading