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Essential oils are an amazing way to enhance healing holistically. There are specific essential oils that may positively affect our fertility; aiding in hormonal balance, reducing inflammation, reducing stress, promoting healing, improving endocrine function, reducing pain and boosting immune system function. Using essential oils for fertility is an enjoyable way to work toward healing fertility issues, promoting reproductive health as well as reducing stress.

The oils smell wonderful, uplift our spirits, as well as heal and promote overall wellness. Essential Oils are easy to use and may be purchased at most health food stores or can be found online. Most essential oils are relatively inexpensive and last for a long time, making it well worthwhile to spend the money. But, remember when you are purchasing essential oils that there are two types, synthetic and medicinal. The medicinal oils will cost more than the synthetic, but the medicinal oils will be the only ones that will have any type of medicinal effect on your body.

How do Essential Oils Work?

Breathed Into The Lungs
The vapors from the oils are breathed into our lungs. The vapors are tiny particles that travel down our airway directly into our lungs. The particles of the essential oils are mixed with oxygen and are exchanged for carbon dioxide when we breathe, the oxygen molecules along with the essential oil vapors are carried throughout our bodies via our blood. Here are some ways that we can inhale or breathe in essential oils:

  • Steam inhalation
  • Room spray
  • Bath
  • Massage with essential oil blend
  • Aromatherapy burner

Absorbed Into The Skin
When the body is massaged with a base oil combined with essential oils, the skin is coated with the oils. Our skin can absorb substances with small molecular structures. The oils are then absorbed into our skin and underlying tissues and taken throughout the body via blood. The particles are taken to where they will be most beneficial. Our bodies have a great intelligence and know where these particles are most needed for healing; just like when we eat something, our bodies break down and digest the foods, and the different parts of the food (ie: nutrients, minerals, proteins, fats,etc.) when broken-down are taken to different parts of our bodies, the parts where they are needed. Some essential oils are healing to the skin itself. Some are specific for rash, others are antibacterial and may be beneficial for healing wounds.

Once the essential oil particles are in our bodies they also have an effect on our mind; emotionally and psychologically. Many essential oils not only affect our bodies physically, they may also have the ability to reduce depression, feelings of anxiety or mental fatigue.

Now you can see how essential oils work and can be beneficial for our entire body.

Essential Oils That Are Beneficial For Fertility

German Chamomile
(Matricaria chamomilla, Matricaria recutita)
German chamomile is best known for its ability to reduce inflammation. This oil is a deep blue color due to the presence of azulene. It also has some pain reducing effects, promotes calming of the nerves, reduces anger, irritability, and depression. This oil may be a good choice for women with painful cysts or fibroids. It may also be good for women who feel anxiety or depression due to fertility issues.

*Do not use this oil during pregnancy, especially if there is a history of miscarriage, this oil is best used in preparation for healing. If you are actively trying to conceive do not use after ovulation.

(Pelargonium gravolens)
This oil is an adrenal cortex stimulant; helping to regulate and balance hormones. It also helps to detoxify the lymphatic system, helps to alleviate anxiety, and is antidepressant.

Rose Otto
(Rosa centifolia, Rosa damascena, Rosa gallica)
This is by far one of the most expensive essential oils on the market, but well worth it! This is one of my favorite oils and just a few drops go a long way. Rose otto is helpful in treating PMS, regulation of the menstrual cycle and has been shown helpful for women who have trouble conceiving. This oil relaxes the uterus and is an aphrodisiac, helping to inspire confidence in expressing oneself sexually. It is extremely effective in treating depression and grief; this may be a great oil for those who have miscarried or have a failed IVF.

*Do not use this oil during pregnancy, especially if there is a history of miscarriage, this oil is best used in preparation for healing. If you are actively trying to conceive do not use after ovulation.

Sweet Marjoram
(Origanum majorana, Majorana hortensis)
This is a great oil for menstrual cramps as Sweet Marjoram works to reduce pain on all levels. It’s great to use with a hot compress on the abdomen when experiencing menstrual cramps.

*Avoid during pregnancy

Clary Sage
(Salvia sclaria)
Do not get this one mixed up with common Sage. Clary sage is said to produce a “narcotic-like high”, helping to reduce pain. It’s very effective in reducing menstrual cramps and is an extremely effective uterine tonic. It has been said that Clary Sage may have estrogenic effects that help to regulate the menstrual cycle. It is also very effective in treating depression and anxiety.

*Avoid use during pregnancy, may be used in labor under the skilled use of a practitioner. Do not drink alcoholic beverages before, during or after using this oil.

(Cupressus sempervirens)
This oil is great for women with over-heavy menstrual bleeding and painful menstruation. It is very astringent.

(Lavendula officinalis, Lavandula angustifolia)
I am including lavender because it is generally a great oil for every ailment and is very balancing for most oil blends. It is a great circulatory stimulant, immune stimulant, balancing for all body systems and is very helpful for mood swings associated with PMS or hormonal imbalance.

*Do not use this oil during pregnancy, especially if there is a history of miscarriage, this oil is best used in preparation for healing. If you are actively trying to conceive do not use after ovulation.

Sweet Fennel
(Foeniculum vulgare, Foeniculum officinale, Anthum foeniculum)
Sweet fennel is effective for helping to regulate the menstrual cycle and reduce hormone fluctuations.

*Do not use during pregnancy or if you have epilepsy.

(Jasminum grandiflorum, Jasmine officianale)
Jasmine is a wonderful oil as it aids overall female reproductive health and is also strengthening for the male sex organs. This oil is very expensive.

Making an Oil Blend

It is important that if you are going to use essential oils on your skin that you first add them to a carrier oil. Great carrier oils are sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, avocado, apricot kernel (add grapefruit seed extract as a preservative, this oil goes bad easily), jojoba, hazelnut, olive, macadamia, sesame, grapeseed and castor. You may also combine carrier oils as they each have their own benefits.

Be sure to put your oil blend in an amber or blue glass jar with a tight-fitting cap that is clean and has been sterilized. To sterilize your jar, you can boil the jar and cap for 3 minutes. Let the jar dry completely to prevent the oil from going rancid because of contact with water. Label the oil with ingredients and the date so you know what it is and how old it is. Store in a cool dry place, do not store near homeopathic medicines as the essential oils can ruin them.

Fill glass bottle ½ of the way full with carrier oil. Add the desired amount of drops of essential oils. Fill the rest of the bottle with carrier oil until almost full (allow room for the cap). Cap tightly and shake gently to mix oils. Let sit for at least a day before using.

You can also add essential oils directly to a hot bath or to a hot compress. For a compress add the drops of essential oil into 2 ounces of water, soak a cotton cloth in water mixture for a compress. A hot compress is desirable for the abdomen.

Fertility Essential Oil Blends

Overall Fertility Enhancer
*Great for everyday use

Carrier Oil Blend (4oz.) Amount of Drops= Bath Compress
Lavender 10 1 1
Sweet Fennel 10 1 1
Clary Sage 20 2 2
Rose Otto 10 1 1

Menstrual Cramps
*Best used only during a painful period, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts, or before ovulation

Carrier Oil Blend (4oz.) Amount of Drops= Bath Compress
German Chamomile 15 2 2
Clary Sage 20 2 2
Rose Otto 10 1 1
Sweet Marjoram 20 2 1

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding
*Best used during heavy bleeding during menstruation

Carrier Oil Blend (4oz.) Amount of Drops= Bath Compress
Cypress 30 2 2
Clary Sage 20 2 2
Lavender 10 1 1
Sweet Marjoram 10 1 1

Any massage essential oil blend may be used in place of or combined with the castor oil packs before Self Fertility Massage.  If you want a more moisturizing bath you may also add 1 tablespoon of the oil blend (with carrier oil) to your bath instead of just drops of the essential oils.

Essential Oils for Libido

Some essential oils have aphrodisiac qualities.  Here are some oils that may increase libido:  Ylang Ylang, Sandalwood, Rose Otto, Jasmine, Patchouli and Clary Sage.  All of these oils are pretty strong and it is best to use them sparingly when making a blend for massage.  Using these oils as a base for an intimate massage with your partner may spark intimacy.  This blend is great for anyone who feels less than desirable or uninterested in sexual intimacy.  This often happens when a couple feels that trying to have a baby is becoming mechanical or forced.
Libido Blend for Her
Men love this, use for massaging her

Carrier Oil Blend (4oz.) Amount of Drops= Bath
Jasmine 20 2
Ylang Ylang 10 1
Patchouli 5 1
Rose Otto 10 1

Because of the cost of the Jasmine and Rose you may exclude the Jasmine, increase the amount of Ylang Ylang if you are on a tight budget.

Libido Blend for Him
Women love this, use for massaging him

Carrier Oil Blend (4oz.) Amount of Drops= Bath
Sandalwood 30 3
Patchouli 10 1
Jasmine 5 1

Either of these blends may be changed to your liking and the one for women may be used for men and vice versa.

*The massage oil blends may be used every day unless you are actively trying to conceive or think you may be pregnant,  do not use these oils after ovulation.

**If you get essential oils in your eye, mouth or open wound flush thoroughly with whole milk, half ‘n half or buttermilk, the fat molecules from the whole fat milk or cream will absorb and flush away the essential oils.  Do not use water as it will just spread the oils around.

Source: Aromatherapy for Fertility

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