Dealing with PCOS: Look Into Aromatherapy

Right, moving on to another subject of interest when dealing with PCOS – Aromatherapy. This is simply the art of using natural oils to heal or treat illnesses, improve health and support total physical wellbeing. The list of carrier and essential oils goes on and on with different names as well as numerous benefits they bring to their users. However, there are certain ones that when properly combined could help in preparing your body for fertility.  

When doing my research on aromatherapy years back, I came across a very useful article that helped me to understand carrier and essential oils more. So, I have decided to post this alongside this introductory article to further enlighten you about how aromatherapy can help towards achieving fertility.

You would also find some very useful recipes that you could try out in the body of this article. I hope they help you in achieving fertility.

Next up  ‘Aromatherapy for Fertility’ by Dalene Barton-Schuster.

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