Give It Up!

Many things come right at us in the form of worries every single day. Waking up late on a Monday morning has the power to set our hearts to worry if we would be able to catch our ‘regular’ bus or train to work and if you don’t use the public commute, you worry if you can still make it in time with the ‘regular’ traffic on your way. If only that can set our hearts in ‘worry mode’, then how about if you or your child has to be on a waiting list for school or waiting for an interview feedback for a dream job, not to talk of when we are faced with financial, emotional, relationship or health issues.

All of those instances may not apply to you and honestly, only you know what is causing you to lose your peace and worry instead. Only you can tell what makes you lose your joy and wonder if you would ever make it. Yes, only you know how so close it may be to losing it all and not being selected or scaling through.

However, you have to come to a point where you give all these worries up and look up to God for help. Did I hear you say ‘ Yes, I’ve prayed but it seems God is not interested in sending a quick answer’? Well, I can tell you this God hears every single prayer you send to Him. It may seem that you are not getting the result as quickly as you want Him to but know this today, He never runs late, never uses an alarm clock to wake up nor a reminder to watch over you, never have to queue to get things done, yes He is ALWAYS on time!

Give up the worry. It takes more of your energy than being joyful. It steals more than it gives. Choose not to lose your peace. You need IT!

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