Let It Go!

Every time God asks us to do something, it’s mostly for our benefit than for His. One of the things He asks us to do very often is to FORGIVE. Forgiveness, most times, is not an easy task because it may involve us letting go of a deep hurt or pain caused by someone who more often than not, have held our trust, love or respect. We wonder why they did what they did, surely not what we were expecting at all from them but they disregarded the love, trust or respect that was accorded to them and went ahead to commit an offence or injustice against us.

It may be that the hurt was caused by a stranger or someone you barely know and even though you may or may not remember their faces, the pain they have caused has become so much part of who you are today.  Yes, hurt or pain has a way of defining the person they harbor. Just one thought of this person instantly makes you want to hurt the person right back, just the memory of the event wants you to do something you would never have thought you would do.

In fact, the person that requires forgiveness may be your own very self. You can’t just forgive yourself of that thing you have done or may be doing. Yes, you know God has forgiven you but you are finding it hard to forgive yourself.

Hurts and pains like these very much run deep. They seem to occupy a generous part of our hearts. But, take a moment and think about this, do you want to continue to let this hurt dictate who you are or what you should or shouldn’t be doing? When is the anger that stems out of the memory going to be released once and for all? When are you going to part with that heavy baggage and start to live life a free man or woman again?

Yes, unforgiveness is a prison.

Unforgiveness is like shackles on your feet.

Unforgiveness steals your peace and joy.

It is about time you let the hurt and pain go and take on joy and peace.

Forgiveness may be a hard chore but once done, produces instant liberation.

When we go ahead and forgive, we do ourselves a whole lot of good. We walk away from everything holding us from attaining our best.

God can indeed help you achieve forgiveness. If He asks us to forgive, then He must have a way of helping us to let go of the pain and hurt. This is why you have to have a chat with God about that person, that hurt, that pain TODAY. In fact, RIGHT NOW. 

Write the name of that person if you know it down, make up your mind to forgive them and ask God to help you on this journey of forgiveness. Then, tear up that paper with the name of that person on it and say out loud, ‘I FORGIVE YOU, …’

Once done, here is me saying, ‘Welcome to more joy, more peace, and more freedom’.

I’d like to hear from you. Your thoughts and comments are highly welcomed.

God bless you.


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