Why Commitment Matters!

Today’s society has in many ways made nothing out of commitment. You only need to watch a few movies and see how commitment has been tagged old-fashioned and not necessary in this age and dispensation. Many view commitment as so last century and think that when someone they are in a relationship with suggests commitment, it is time to check out. The situation is no better even in friendships, how many people will stay committed to their friends through the thick and thin and how many will remain loyal when the going is no longer as good as it was in the beginning? But really, let’s give it a thought. What is wrong with commitment?

The ultimate truth is that there is nothing wrong with commitment. Just so we all on the same page, I thought to search for what the word means and here is what Cambridge Dictionary thinks it implies, a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something.

In this instance, I am talking of commitment to someone and not to something and I believe the meaning still stands true. When you are committed to someone, you are willing to spend your time and energy to build that person up. Willing to believe in them no matter how little they see themselves. Willing to stand firmly by them through the good and bad. Willing to sacrifice your independence, expectations and comfort. Willing to be with them without any prerequisites, conditions, and  benefits.

Commitment isn’t a way of tying you up but it has a great way of defining things, for example, why be in a relationship for months or years without wanting to get married to the same person? Why talk bad of a person when you still call them friend? Why spend time, energy and resources on someone you have no intention of being with, in the near future?

It is quite interesting that people have a lifetime mortgage or even a ten-year loan but still have issues committing to someone. They happily put up with the risks of having an unsecured mortgage or loan but won’t be caught committed to a person. I believe commitment should be upheld and seen as the real deal in our society because come to think of it, it was when people did away with it that many homes have been looted of peace, harmony, trust, and faithfulness.

Yes, commitment will do the following and even lots more;

Commitment breeds trust.

Commitment fosters love.

Commitment nurtures dedication.

Commitment boosts faithfulness.

Commitment doesn’t end it all, it only seals it more!


5 thoughts on “Why Commitment Matters!

  1. I agree. I know women who would rather show more affection towards a dog, than towards a man. Committed relationships are hard work. Managing life with someone else isn’t easy. And people are just lazy and would rather to be comfortable than put forth the effort.

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