The Race of Life!

A few weeks ago, I saw a TV programme about a well known holiday destination – Hawaii. If you are anything like me, this is a place that has made it to one of my ‘must visit’ state. Whenever I see a postcard or an advert or a magazine with the breathtaking beach views on them, I just marvel at how beautiful the place must be and how truly amazing it will be to live in such a place.


However, this programme brought to light a rather shocking side of Hawaii – Homelessness. My initial reaction was WHAT? No, they must be wrong. How can it be that a state blessed with so many resources be lacking in providing houses for their inhabitants? Well, my hope is that one day and soon enough, things will turn around for the better for these people.

This insight stayed with me and then it dawned on me more than ever that people only show you what they want you to see. Things may not truly be the way they are portrayed.

With the ever-increasing presence of social media, it is very easy to want to have what others have and be what others are. Here is the truth – run your own race. Whatever you see is just a part never the whole. People will only post what they want you to see. People are naturally going to show you the interesting parts of their lives and while this is absolutely fine, caution must be taken not to use their lives to measure yours.

Everyone has issues they are tackling however minute. So then, think about it this way, if people started posting the ‘not too Facebook-worthy’ sides of their lives would you still want to run their race.

Stay focused, enjoy your life, live out your purpose and run your OWN RACE!


Photo Credit: Google Photos

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