Start A Trend – Dare to be Different!

I recently came across the photo below where someone was using a pair of trainers to perform ballet in the midst of other ballerinas using ballet pumps. I literally fell in love with this photo and just wondered who this genius could be. What really got me intrigued is the fact that someone dared to be different. This person did not allow what she didn’t have to stop her from becoming what she wants to be or do what she wants to do. Even more importantly, she didn’t allow people’s criticisms to stop her from being who she is.

We live in a world where many find it very easy to copy and duplicate others’ originality. These people hide behind the curtains of imitation never letting the world to see their uniqueness, creativity, imagination, and innovation. The danger of living this way is that potentials become dormant, abilities lie fallow and individuality is lost. 

Think about this; a printer will always produce the original copy but a copier will only copy the job the printer has done. No matter how similar they may look, the original copy will always be what it is – AN ORIGINAL.

Life is too short to play out someone’s life script. Discover your life’s purpose and pursue your passions. Within you lies a great measure of creativity and skills the world is waiting on. Being an original will harness your creative prowess. Project your individuality and style. Make you relevant and liberate your imagination.

Many trends started with someone who dared to be original. Someone who chose to do something different from the norm. Many have received awards for their ingenuity and from my standpoint, this is because they decided not to do what others are doing or do something others are not doing.

Dig out those things that will stand you out in your world and do them. Create something from what is already existing or change a pattern from how something is normally done.

Whatever you do be an original, not a copy!


Photo credit: Google Images

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    I just read and re-blogged this piece written by Fola from It really spoke to my heart and I quite connect with it, especially in this age of copycat culture. Hope you’ll relate with this as I did. Thanks Fola for allowing me to re-blog this! 🙂

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