If It Gets You Worried, Pray!

If it bothers you and you can’t sleep, pray.

If it makes you fretful and you are so down, pray.

If you don’t know what to do about it, pray.

If you’re indecisive about what to do, pray.

If your mind doesn’t settle even when you think you’ve made the right choice, pray

If you’re at a crossroad, not knowing where to turn, pray

If it seems all hope is lost, pray

If it doesn’t work as you desire, pray

If you’re broken and distraught, pray

If you’re tired of going on, pray

If you feel like giving up, pray

Whatever it may be,

Wherever it may be,

Whoever it is about,


That’s When He Steps In | Alvin Slaughter

This song has always ministered to me. God steps in right at that moment when we really want a need met. All He’ s asking is ‘what’s that you have in your hands?’. Once you release it, just get ready for a floodgate of increase and abundance. Be blessed!


What’s In Your Hands?

Our lives are full of needs that we want God to meet. These needs could be healing for ourselves or a loved one, it could even be school admission for ourselves or our kids or it may be that your present need is to meet the ‘one’ so you can finally settle down to start a family. Others may have all the above but need money for the tuition fees, a new job to be able to support the family adequately or even a better accommodation to bring up the children in a more spacious place. The truth is that we all have needs and as our faces are different so also our needs are. 

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Your Life, Your Ministration!

Many a time, we find ourselves wanting to be true ambassadors of Christ and reach out to our world for Jesus Christ. We yearn to preach the gospel, win souls for Christ and get these people to be firmly rooted in the Word of God.

All these things are so good however if all we do is let our talk do the ministration and not our lives then we may face hostility, non-acceptance and closed doors from those we want to reach out to.
Our lives are what many are reading and our attitudes are what most watch. It is for this reason, we should let our lives be the ministration and our talk, the accompaniment.

Your life speaks more than your words!

God help us all!

Reflections of the Past Year!

Hey everyone,

Today is my birthday. Woohoo!

I’m grateful to be alive and well. Grateful for what God has blessed me with. Grateful for where I am. Grateful for where He’s brought me from. Grateful for being blessed with a great family network and by this I refer to my immediate family, my sisters and their families as well as family friends. Grateful for being here today. Where I was last year is not where I am today and for that reason only, my heart is so full of praises to God. He is real and still very much interested in every of His children. In the light of thanksgiving, early this birthday day of mine I took a trip down a short memory lane to the past year.

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