Praise You In This Storm | Casting Crowns

Sometimes, we go through storms and it may appear that God has left us or cannot save us. It may look like we would not come out of the situation we’re in but God never promised that we won’t witness storms. What He promised is that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Whatever the storm, He has given us the ability and His Word as an anchor to go through any storm and come out stronger than when we got in.  It may seem that He’s not being on time, remember He is not running on our own time but His time. Stay strong and praise God in that storm.


Forgiveness | Matthew West

Forgiveness may be a hard chore but once done, produces instant liberation. Make today a day of forgiveness. Forgive and don’t look back again! This song says it all. May it minister to you as it did to me.


Let It Go!

Every time God asks us to do something, it’s mostly for our benefit than for His. One of the things He asks us to do very often is to FORGIVE. Forgiveness, most times, is not an easy task because it may involve us letting go of a deep hurt or pain caused by someone who more often than not, have held our trust, love or respect. We wonder why they did what they did, surely not what we were expecting at all from them but they disregarded the love, trust or respect that was accorded to them and went ahead to commit an offence or injustice against us. Continue reading

I Cast All My Cares Upon You | Kelly Willard

When life’s cares like a storm want to drown you, choose to hold on to God’s anchor. Be still and know that God is there to still the storm and see you safely to shore. He promised He will never leave you nor forsake you and you have to believe just that to overcome. Here is a song to encourage you to cast all your cares upon God. He alone has the power and ability to absolve them. Stay peaceful!

Give It Up!

Many things come right at us in the form of worries every single day. Waking up late on a Monday morning has the power to set our hearts to worry if we would be able to catch our ‘regular’ bus or train to work and if you don’t use the public commute, you worry if you can still make it in time with the ‘regular’ traffic on your way. If only that can set our hearts in ‘worry mode’, then how about if you or your child has to be on a waiting list for school or waiting for an interview feedback for a dream job, not to talk of when we are faced with financial, emotional, relationship or health issues.

Continue reading

Talking with my Father…

Some people believe prayer should be at a certain time or in a certain place or even in a certain position. It’s been conceived to be a time when you ask God for only certain things. This reminds me of a joke which tells of a father asking his son to pray before going to bed and the son asked for his lost ball to be found but his dad stopped him and said ‘Son, you need to ask God for more serious things, we don’t want to waste His time’. Really! Like, how can it be heard that I was ‘talking’ to God to help me shift my postnatal weight? Of course, that would sound absolutely ridiculous to some but to me, that’s the way I talk to my Father. I let Him in on every single detail of my life ‘cos no other person can father me the way God does. Continue reading

Father Me | Rick & Cathy Riso

This song has always ministered to me and I hope it does the same to you. God is not a dictator waiting somewhere for you to fail or make a mistake so that He can pour out fire and brimstone on you or punish you severely. No, He is a loving Father who delights in His children, who assists you when you fall to get back up again, who cheers you on when you make progress, a caring Father who helps you learn from your mistakes not punish you for them. He will always be there if no-one else does.

God is indeed a Father! Let Him father you.